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Air Cooler price Bangladesh. Evaporative water base room air cooler and personal model also available with remote control operation system.

Air Cooler price Bangladesh. AC mart bd offers the customers best price in Dhaka city. We have different kinds of model for different types of room sizes.

Air Cooler price Bangladesh is the topic that many people want to know about. So, this article is based on it. Some people have a wrong conception about this product. Air coolers are not actually compressor based cooling technology. It uses a technology called “evaporation System”. The cooling system use water to cool down the cooling pad. The cooling pad called Honeycomb. Honeycomb is a kind of durable pad that allow the water to pass through it and makes it cool. While passing through it, the hot air turns into cool air.


To make the water or air more cool, it is recommended to use ice cube in the water tank. But be careful to use excessive ice. More ice can damage the motor in the water. Moreover, the air can be dump which can affect your room humidity as well as the wall and furnitures in the room. This article can help you before buying an air cooler from Bangladesh. To make the best use of an air cooler, please read the instructions from the manufacturer carefully before using an Evaporative Air Cooler.


Most common question from the customer is, “will it cool my room?” The answer is YES and NO. The cooling performance from an Air cooler depends on some fact. The room size and the room position is the most important part for measuring the the accurate air cooler. If you can select the right size cooler for your room, then the answer is “Yes, it will cool your room”. But if you select and wrong size room cooler, then it might not work properly.


However, room coolers works without compressor and gas. And it also consume a very low power. So, nobody should expect the cooling power from the air cooler like an compressor based air conditioning system which consume 10 times more electricity. And the price is almost 25{938af40404ed8f83ca92d13d0f04fe7506abb3379fcd4a8637e985c1539020d1} than and traditional air Conditioner. You can also compare air conditioner price in Bangladesh. Definitely we can say that, air coolers worth its price.


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  • Extended warranty can be taken with conditions.
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