Portable Air cooler price in Bangladesh

Portable air cooler price in Bangladesh 3

In Bangladesh there are many portable air cooler brands. Among them Symphony is one of the name of trust. Other favorite cooler brand is Honeywell. So, What you want.

Symphony is basically an Indian Brand. They manufacture different type of portable air coolers. Symphony brand products are cheap in price. Honeywell has some special facility. that’s why peoples of Bangladesh getting it as low price.

Portable air cooler is used in a place where it is difficult to set up as usual fixed air conditioner. In city and urban areas it is getting very popular. Because it has some extra benefit. Which makes it more popular. Some brands are making portable air cooler because it can easily carry from one room to another room. and by evaporate technology it can circulate water into the cooling pads to cool the air as well as the room.

One more reason for choosing this cooler is energy consumption. Traditional air conditioners uses 1900-2200W Power where the air coolers uses only 200W. So it saves energy as well as the money.

Symphony air cooler has special model for best buy and premium series. The diet is the economy series and the high cool smart and the premium storm series. The available models are diet8i, diet20i, high cool smart, storm 70i and the storm 100i.

Honeywell is known to their awesome designs. Honeywell

Both all air coolers has remote control and 1 Year warranty.

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