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Here you will get Whirlpool AC Price in Bangladesh. We offer Air conditioners from worlds reliable brands.

AC Mart BD offers the best AC with Whirlpool AC Price in Bangladesh. If you interested to buy an air conditioner which one is reliable and durable, you are in the right place. Product with performance and reliability is our goal.


Whirlpool AC Price in Bangladesh is one of the top position worldwide AC manufacturers is known for launching technically innovative air conditioning units consistently. Now, the company features the Kenmore 3D Awesome 1.5 Ton AC that comes with the 3D cooling technological innovation. Capability of this design AC is 1.5 ton chilling potential and it is an excellent air refresher for the luxurious flats with areas of 200 sq. ft size. The anti infection and viruses filtration have been created with the automated performing system and the filler injections keep away the undesirable ingredients like infection, pollen and ingredients from the air. The AC machine comes with the useful rectangular shape distant device that has many special control buttons with perfect space. The LED digital board on the AC unit is successfully made for customers.

Whirlpool AC Price in Bangladesh type of 3D cool air refresher works with a remarkable speed and customers have to hold back only for about 10 moments to get cool and fresh air from the equipment. The lowest heat range of this AC is 16 degree, which guarantee quick relax in couple of moments. The rest method is given with the 6th sense rest technological innovation and with this selection, people need not to set the rest method and the AC instantly sets the method, when required. Turbo compressor cool, MPFI and multiple air release technological innovation are used in this air refresher and the product also has 6th auto reboot.

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