Air Cooler Price in Bangladesh

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Air Cooler is now a very popular product in Bangladesh. This product is comparatively reasonable in price and user friendly.

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How to use a Cooler:

# Air cooler is a compact and portable device.

# Use sufficient water according to your Cooler Model. (Depends on Model)

# Fill up to 80{938af40404ed8f83ca92d13d0f04fe7506abb3379fcd4a8637e985c1539020d1} water of the tank.

# Place sufficient ICE Cube to the ice chamber to the cooler. You can also place some small ice cubes directly to the tank. (Very large size ice cube can be harmful for the tank motor and other connections).

# Connect the cooler with power. Make sure that the power source and the connecting cable is clean and dry. (Wet connection causes electrical shocks and hazards)

# Turn on the power by cooler body switch or remote control. (Not all the model support remote control)

# Now press the blower speed button. Make sure the blower is running.

# Now press the Cool/Cooling button.

# A little vibration may be started. Dont worry, its totally normal.

# You can check the water fall from down to high through the cooling pad.

# For the first time, it may take some time to cool down the pad.

# Now feel the Cool air.


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