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Here you will get General 1 ton AC Price in Bangladesh. We offer Air conditioners from worlds reliable brands.

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General 1 ton AC Price in Bangladesh R410a is eco-friendly. When a air conditioner is started, the air compressor runs at high-speed for convenient cooling. But once the set temperatures are reached, the air conditioner goes into an ‘energy preserving mode’ by lowering the air compressor rate. Thus, effectively decreasing its power to save power. Power preserving and fast heating only possible by I-PAM. V-PAM management reduces the effects of magnetic flux and increases the maximum rate and efficiency of the air compressor by vector management technological innovation. With Frankel treatments, further miniaturization, greater efficiency and better efficiency is accomplished. By making all the engines DC, electricity loss is reduced as well as intake is considerably reduced. In addition high-speed fan motor spinning is possible, warm return efficiency is increased and annual power intake amount is saved by increasing the flow of air.

General 1 ton AC Price in Bangladesh Perfection wind direction management is possible with 3 dimensional air circulation technological innovation. Our air circulation management makes your atmosphere more comfortable, with both vertical and horizontal deflection at the same time automatically. Heat return efficiency is considerably improved by the thin high-density warm exchange and multi-path efficiency technological innovation. Top rated grooved pipes with extended warm exchange area is used. Hydrophobic covered warm exchange guarantees corrosion resistance for extended life. Piping can be extended up to the above length for full efficiency with additional charge of gas over and above 7.5 meters as per Installation manual. Compressor potential greater than machine potential guarantees powerful operation at great normal heat range.

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